As their leader, you say to your team, “Follow me.” Why are you the one to follow, what makes you the most appropriate person to lead? More to the point, do you have the level of adaptive leadership skills needed to successfully lead a high-performance team that can and does Commit to excellence? This audio book may help answer these questions. The concepts and techniques included here have been gleaned from the leadership literature and from observing unusually successful, adaptive leaders. Your task is to consider them in relation to your leadership practice and to then adapt those that are potentially useful to you in your continuing quest for adaptive leadership excellence.

Please note that the audio book is totally free and includes two and a half hours of useful tips and strategies to help you be a more effective, proactive leader. I suggest that you consider downloading the book, using the download link below the player on That way it will always be available to you, if you don’t have time to listen to the complete book right now.

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