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Multidimensional Style

We are multidimensional people.  This first means that we have a physical
dimension that takes in our physical selves, the kinds of things we do and
avoid doing, and the ways in which we deal with ourselves as physical/doing people.  We have an emotional dimension that has to do
with how we manage our emotions and feelings and how we understand and respond
to the emotions and feelings of others. 
We have a moral dimension that has to do with our personal values, what
we will do and what we will not do, what we think is okay and not okay, and how
we manage ourselves as moral people.  We
also have a social dimension that has to do with being a friend, relating to
other people, being involved in social activities, and other things related to
our interpersonal relationships.  Our
sexual dimension has to do with how we handle ourselves sexually, how we see
ourselves as sexual people, how we manage our sexual relationships, and how we
treat others and expect to be treated sexually. 
We are also thinking people and have a cognitive or thinking
dimension.  This has to do with how we
use logic and our intuitions, how we go about solving problems, how we go about
trying to understand things around us, and how we use our minds and abilities
to learn.

Our way of handling ourselves, what we think is important,
and the impression we want to give to others within each of these dimensions go
to make up our personal style.  Please
complete each of the sentences below, making one statement about yourself and
your style.  Try to make the statement
true for you as you really are.  You may
finish the sentence in anyway that fits you.

1. Physically, I am

2. Emotionally, I am

3. Morally, I am

4. Socially, I am

5. Sexually, I am

6. Cognitively, I am

Check back to be sure that each statement represents a
positive statement about you.  If not, go
back and refinish the statement, making a positive statement about
yourself.  It is your style you are
talking about.  Always think about what
you have going for you first.  There is
plenty of time to think about the less flattering points.


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