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JimJim Meets PosterGuy

Part One: The Adventure Begins


JimJim sat on his bed, feeling bored. He was in timeout for
the seventh time that week. It was only Tuesday and he thought that he might
make it up to twenty timeouts before the week was over.

JimJim just sat there. He looked like he was pouting but he
wasn’t. He was only thinking. “How do I end up in timeout so much? There
should be a trophy for the most times in timeout. I would definitely win that

JimJim scratched the side of his nose. He asked himself,
“Why is it called timeout? It feels like time-in. I’m in my room and not
outside playing ball. It should be called time-in.”

JimJim heard a voice. It was a low whisper. “JimJim, my
good friend, we need to talk.”

JimJim felt a little shiver. He looked slowly around his
room. He thought, “Who is talking to me? I’m not going to be scared or any
of that baby stuff. This is my room. I’m sitting on my bed. There isn’t anyone
else in this room.”

It felt very strange. It was weird talking when there wasn’t
anyone around. JimJim didn’t usually talk to himself. This was just too weird.

He whispered, “I hear you. You are trying to trick me.
You can’t trick me. Where are you hiding? Come out so I can see you.”

“I’m behind you. Turn around and say, ‘Hello’ back to

JimJim couldn’t decide what to do. Would he turn around and
look? Maybe he would pull his blanket over his head and hide.

Very carefully, JimJim looked behind himself. “This is
way too weird,” he thought. “There is no one here. I’m the only
person in my room. There is no one else here.”

“I’m back here. We need to talk.”

JimJim definitely heard the voice but there was no one

“I’m right here.”

JimJim felt another shiver. It felt strange to answer a
voice when there was no one there. He took a deep breath and whispered,
“Where are you? I can hear you but I can’t see you. Where are you

“I’m right here. You are looking at me. What do you

“I only see a poster on my wall. That is impossible.
There isn’t supposed to be any poster on my wall. I don’t even have a poster.
It can’t be on my wall, no way.”

“There is definitely a poster on your wall. I’m right
smack in the center of it. Watch me. I’m talking to you.”

JimJim stared at the poster. There it was. There was a
poster stuck to his wall. There wasn’t supposed to be a poster on his wall.

JimJim watched for a while. He asked, “What are you
doing? Are you talking? I can see your lips moving.”

“You are soooo smart. I’m definitely talking. You can
see my lips move. It’s me talking to you right now. Let me introduce myself.
I’m PosterGuy. I’m your new best friend. I’m the guy who is going to tell you
some stuff you need to know. You need to know this stuff because you don’t want
to spend the rest of your life in timeout. You don’t want to be in timeout
every day forever, do you?”

JimJim felt another shiver inside. He told himself that he
was going to be brave. No PosterGuy was going to scare him.

A pale purple shadow floated across JimJim’s face. It was
there but he didn’t notice it. That was definitely strange. JimJim said,
“Who said you can come into my room without asking? Who told you to stick
yourself on my wall? You can’t just come into my room without knocking. This is
my room. You can’t just come in here and start talking.”

JimJim stopped talking. The Purple shadow drifted away.
JimJim’s mouth dropped open. He couldn’t believe what he saw. The poster on his
wall rolled itself up. It slipped down to the floor. It rolled over to JimJim’s
bed. It rolled up onto his bed. It unrolled itself. PosterGuy popped off the
poster. He sat on JimJim’s bed. He was right there beside him.

PosterGuy said, “I get really tired of being in that
poster. It’s pretty cool getting to come out and do some timeouting with you.
Do you have a minute? I would like to shake your hand. I used to be quite a
timeouter myself. I could never keep up with you, no way, not even close. The
most I ever did was nine timeouts in a week. You will pass my record this week,
for sure, no doubt about it. It’s a treat to meet you, JimJim, my new best

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