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It was later that same night. JimJim, SueSue, and PosterGuy
were at Council Headquarters. The Council trio still didn’t have a strategy.

They had popped into the Great Council Hall at Council
Headquarters. The large round table was there. The chairs were around the
Council table. The other nine Council Kids were sitting around the Council
table. This was not right. It was not what JimJim, SueSue, and PosterGuy
expected. It was very strange.

The Council trio was hiding in a corner far away from the
Council table. They hoped no one saw them. JimJim, SueSue, and PosterGuy
couldn’t believe what they saw.

The nine other Council Kids were sitting at the Council
table. They were relaxing. They were talking. They were drinking chocolate milk.
They were snacking on cookies. The Council trio heard a few Council Kids
laughing. They were having a totally terrific time.

JimJim whispered, “The other Council Kids look like
they are having a good time. Where are TT and the other two Shadow Kids? What
happened to the purple shadows? This is very weird.”

The Council trio was shocked. This was definitely not what
they expected. It was like nothing dangerous was going on. It was like the
Shadow Kids were never there. It was like they had only imagined the purple

PosterGuy started to pop on over to his seat at the Council
table. JimJim and SueSue grabbed his arms at the same time. They both spoke at
once. “No. Wait. It may be a trick.”

PosterGuy didn’t understand but he waited. He didn’t pop on
over to his seat at the Council table. He looked at JimJim and SueSue. He saw
that they were thinking. He wondered why they were holding him back. He didn’t
understand what was happening.

JimJim pulled on PosterGuy’s and SueSue’s arms. He lead them
farther back into the dark corner of the Great Council Hall. They pressed their
backs against the wall.

They stared at the other Council Kids. Yes, all nine were
there. Yes, they were talking and having a very good time. No, TT and the other
two Shadow Kids were not there. Yes, the purple shadows were gone. It was very

JimJim quietly said, “This isn’t right. Something is
wrong. Something is very wrong.”

The Council trio stood against the wall for a long time.
They held very still. They were quiet. They stared at the other Council Kids.

Suddenly JimJim said, “That’s it. I see it. It’s a
trick. It’s a clever trick. TT really is a genius. He is a very clever

JimJim turned to look at SueSue and PosterGuy. He said,
“We have to go. We have to go right now. I hope it’s not already too late.
We have to get out of here right now.”

JimJim and SueSue linked arms. They were ready to pop back
to JimJim’s room. They looked around. Where was PosterGuy? Why wasn’t he there?

SueSue saw it first. She pressed her hand over her mouth to
keep from screaming. She was staring at the other Council Kids.

The Council table was there. How was it Possible? There were
suddenly ten Council Kids sitting around the table. PosterGuy was in his chair.
It was definitely PosterGuy sitting at the Council table.

It was even worse. It was way worse. The purple shadows were
back. There was now a purple shadow over PosterGuy’s head. The Shadow Kids had
captured PosterGuy.

The situation was definitely very bad. TT and the other two
Shadow Kids were back too. TT was waving his gadget. He was yelling. JimJim and
SueSue couldn’t understand what he was saying. He was yelling at PosterGuy. TT
was definitely a nasty bully. It was very scary.

JimJim and SueSue were shocked. They couldn’t believe it.
This couldn’t be happening. It couldn’t be real but it was. They were the only
Council Kids who hadn’t been captured. It was up to them. The Council was
depending on them.

They were too shocked to move. They just stared.

JimJim and SueSue took a deep breath at the same time. They
couldn’t just stand there and stare. They couldn’t just wait. They would get
captured too. They had to do something. They had to save PosterGuy and the

JimJim saw it first. A huge purple shadow was sliding across
the Great Council Hall. It was headed toward him and SueSue. They didn’t have
much time. There wasn’t a second to spare.

JimJim and SueSue linked arms. They concentrated. They
popped out of the Great Council Hall. It wasn’t a second too soon. They both
felt the tug of the purple shadow as they popped away. It almost got them. They
came within a wink of being captured.

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