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As a
part of Strategic Plan 2001-2003, a financial grant program is being made
available to provide agency personnel the opportunity to apply for funding for
a project of their own initiative. The following are guidelines for project

Grants of a maximum of $25,000 will be
made available for a project of one year’s duration with no provision for
further funding.

Individual employees or groups of
employees may submit a proposal.

Persons not employed by the agency may
participate as long as the agency employee is responsible for the grant
accountability and reporting.

Grant activity must increase child
safety, permanence, or well being, or increase staff effectiveness or job

Grants cannot be used to the personal
or financial benefit of employees beyond increasing individual job

Grants cannot be used to hire
additional agency staff, but can be used to contract for services from other
agencies or individuals.

Agency staff time used for the grant
will be charged as a cost against the grant. Those monies can then be used by
the supervisor losing staff time to contract for temporary staff to replace
lost staff time.

grant proposals must contain a description of the project, project personnel,
project budget, and a system for measuring the achievement of the project’s
outcomes. The following outline is required:

Variables: Include measurable variables
which will indicate achievement of the outcomes.

Operational definition: Define the
project parameters which limit or describe the variables.

Measures: Indicate the way(s) in which
the outcomes are to be measured.

Baseline: Establish a starting point to
measure progress in meeting the outcomes.

Charting period: Identify the time
frame in which the data is to be collected, analyzed and reported.

Data source: Identify the source
documents from which the data is to be collected to measure the outcomes.

proposals will be submitted to the Special Services Manager who will in turn
prepare and distribute them to the Policy and Program Committee of the Board,
who will serve as the reviewers for the grant process. (If you would like to
know more about the strategic plan or any aspect of it, feel free to contact

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