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Participants in some of the groups
spontaneously commented that, while they have no problems with single parent or
transracial adoption, they do strongly object to gay or lesbian parents
adopting children.

Participants had very mixed reactions to the
concept of adoption subsidies. Initially, they did not react favorably because
they believe that an adoptive parent should assume full responsibility for a

you’re adopting, you’re agreeing to take that child on as your own child. I
always had this idea that adoption meant that you were willing to take
responsibility for that child. To me that means financially too.

Some participants felt that subsidies could
lead people to do it just for the money, like foster parents. Those
participants in support of Adoption Assistance generally agreed that subsidies
should only be provided on a sliding scale formula, based on income or for
special needs children, e.g.,
children with physical or emotional handicaps.

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