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…To further these goals, (Protection,
Permanence, Prevention, and Partnering) we are also committed to total and
continuous quality improvement at all levels of the organization. Our efforts
over the years 2001 through 2003 will focus on three themes:

Developing program outcome measures
which reflect emphasis on the national goals of safety, permanence, and
well-being for children in the child welfare system.

Developing and implementing a
management information system which produces data to guide and enhance quality
service delivery.

Positioning the agency to be in compliance
with new Council on Accreditation standards to support renewal of

first year of the plan will be devoted to beginning the development of
infrastructure necessary for the transformation of the agency into an
organization whose management decisions are based on data derived from an
efficient management information system.

first quarter will involve meetings with small groups of staff to introduce
them to the Strategic Plan, including familiarizing them with the outcome
measures and their significance to service delivery issues.

The required data system is expected to
be completed by July 1, 2002. Assistance from sources outside of the agency
will be obtained to monitor the software development process. The data will be
developed in modules or units. As each is completed it will be introduced to
the staff and after training of staff on inputting the needed data, the module
will be implemented.

work on the database progresses, the services provided by the agency will be
defined and cost determined for the service. We will know, for example, the
cost of performing a drug and alcohol assessment, the cost of an intake
investigation, or doing a home study for an adoptive placement.

The information yielded by the improved
management information system will be analyzed to determine success at meeting
the selected outcome measures. The measures discussed below will then be
refined and, if necessary, steps taken to improve the quality of the service
targeted by the outcome measure….

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