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Below are twenty statements, each of which incorporates one of Life’s most important lessons. Think
about each statement and about how true it is for you, every time, in every
way, with everyone. If it’s true for you most all the time, put a “3”
beside the bullet. If it’s usually true but sometimes isn’t, put a “2”
beside the bullet. If it’s sometimes true but usually isn’t, put a
“1” beside the bullet. If it’s seldom to never true for you, put a
“0” beside the bullet. If you can’t decide about a specific
statement, ask someone who knows you well to rate you. Whatever their rating,
put that number beside the bullet.

3 = Most always

2 = Usually

1 = Sometimes

0 = Seldom to never

•I do everything I do with style, all the
time, on purpose.

•I succeed by helping others succeed.

•I ask people, “Did that help?”
instead of “Can I help?”

•I bring the same level of energy and
commitment to whatever I’m doing, whether things are going sour or going great.

•I don’t let people mess with my monkey.

•I stand up, speak up, shut up, and sit

•I don’t buy into or react to other
people’s bad attitudes.

•I don’t let people turn their poor
planning into my emergencies.

•I make sure people value what they get and
get what they value from me.

•I plan on how I will get out of the muck
before diving in.

•I do what I say I will do, when I say I
will do it.

•I don’t join in with the

•I know when and why it’s my fault and step
up to accept responsibility.

•I’m a master at getting others to help me.

•I know when it’s time to put the old dog
in the truck and call it a day.

•I give more emphasis to being a better
model for kids than to molding them.

•I take the first step with people who are
special to me.

•When people share their troubles with me,
I listen to the feelings, offer a little empathy, and follow up with tangible

•When I say, “I love you,” it
means the key to my beloved’s heart can be entrusted to me.

•When I feel the magic slipping away, I
concentrate more on being a better lover than on being loved better.

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