Adaptive Leadership (010)

This episode of the Adaptive Leadership series includes three more strategies that adaptive leaders use to assure their success. It starts with distributing work and responsibilities effectively and – most importantly – fairly. It concludes with focus on always doing today’s work today. I think you will find the strategies helpful. Please listen and judge for yourself.

Adaptive Leadership (009)

This episode of the Audio Tidbits Podcast continues the Adaptive Leadership series with three more tips on how to succeed with your own skills and strategies combined with the adaptive leadership approach to leading people. Focus this time is on knowing and using resources and existing policies. Listen and enjoy.

Adaptive Leadership (008)

The adaptive leadership series continues. Focus is on expectations, being sure everyone knows how his or her job fits into the mission, always answering workers’ questions and responding to their concerns, and understanding the art and science of delegation.

Stuck In The Box

We can think in the box or out of the box but actually being stuck in the box is no place for nice people like us. You may be surprised to learn how easy it is to get stuck in the box and how simple it is to get unstuck. Please listen and discover the secret strategy. I am saying it is secret only because so few people actually use it.

Adaptive Leadership (007)

My father used to tell me that he never learned anything while he was talking. Yes, listen and learn was his technique for adding what others know to what he knows. At the end of the day, this was the best if not the only way to get smarter. This included seeing things from the point of view of other people and never assuming that his perspective was complete or even the best view point. This and other adaptive leadership tips are here for you in this episode of Audio Tidbits in the leadership category. As Dad liked to say, listen and learn.

Adaptive Leadership (006)

Adaptive leadership requires clear focus, faith in those who take the journey with you and attention more to the problem than to who may or may not have caused whatever the issue is. The key is focus, faith and the benefit of the doubt. Please listen and judge for yourself.

Adaptive Leadership (005)

In this episode of the Leadership Shop Podcast, the series on adaptive leadership continues. Being organized is the first element discussed. This is followed by attention to the importance of timeliness which is followed by one of the key elements in adaptive leadership. Adaptive leaders are never slow to pitch in and do what needs done. Please listen as you enjoy this continuing series.

Leadership In Brief

There are many perspectives on leadership and even more ways of getting to the nub of the matter. In this episode, leadership is approached in terms of three basic propositions. Please listen to see if you agree or perhaps would look at leadership from another point of view.

Adaptive Leadership (004)

The series on adaptive leadership continues in this episode. What do adaptive leaders do with their frustrations and negative feelings? How do they handle having a bad day? How do they perceive others on the team? All of these and other questions are answered. Please listen and learn.

Adaptive Leadership (003)

In this episode, the adaptive leadership series is continued. Focus is on leadership as a service and what does and does not lead to leadership excellence.

Note: In the last episode, I did not realize that the musical notes under the narrator might distort on a phone speaker. I’m sorry and will try to avoid similar issues.

Adaptive Leadership (002)

The discussion of adaptive leadership is continued in this episode of the Leadership Shop Podcast.

The discussion starts with focus on vision and mission. It then turns to valuing the people who make the journey with him or her. A commitment to excellence is essential as well as valuing customers and always meeting or exceeding their expectations. Please listen in to hear how these important elements are explained.

Adaptive Leadership (001)

In this episode of the Leadership Shop Podcast, we are introduced to adaptive leadership. In the past, it was enough for a leader to get the job done as the job is defined. The leader leads and the followers follow. That simple model is no longer enough. The world has become too complex and workers are no longer content to simply follow. Adaptive leadership is not only needed, it is required. Please listen to learn what adaptive leadership is all about. The series has thirteen episodes. This episode is where the discussion starts.

Should You Be Boss?

In this episode of the Leadership Shop Podcast, James asks us who should be boss. Importantly, the question is not who is boss since there are a lot of people who are boss but shouldn’t be. If you wonder if you should be boss, you will want to listen to this episode to see how James would decide if you are the right person to be boss.