Which Leadership Strategy Works Best?

There are many takes on how to lead and which leadership strategies are most appropriate in which situations. In this episode of the Leadership Shop Podcast, James focuses on Four of the most popular leadership strategies. He also includes a brief quiz to see when and where you might want to use the four strategies. Please listen and then take the quiz.

Gurus On Success

In this episode of the Leadership Shop Podcast, the Leadership Shop podcast team collaborates to bring you the best from world class success gurus. The ideas and strategies they share equally apply to leadership and how great leaders succeed. Listen and pick out those approaches that will best serve you along your leadership journey.

Are You A Proactive Leader?

This episode of the Leadership shop Podcast shows you the elements of proactive leadership. It gives you the opportunity to consider your approach to leadership and evaluate the extent to which you are a proactive leader. The members of the podcast team take turns presenting the elements so please listen and decide how your leadership fits with proactive leadership.

Leadership: Managing Chaos

In this episode of the Leadership Shop Podcast, James shares a perspective on leadership that may not be altogether obvious. We can reasonably conclude that leadership is primarily the management of chaos. Listen in to see if you agree with James or perhaps your perspective is quite different.

Leaders Shall

James has a special episode of the Leadership Shop Podcast for us. Regardless of our take on who is and is not a leader, whatever we think about what separates leaders from others, we can all agree that leaders need to do some things and not do others, need to behave in some ways and not in others. In this episode, James, with help from his associate, shares those things a leader should do, ways in which leaders should behave, how leaders should relate to others.

Making Me Do Something Is Leadership?

James explores whether leadership has much to do with getting people to do things they would not otherwise do as some “experts” suggest. James concludes that such actions, although frequently effective, have little to do with leadership.

Leadership & Dark Matter

Leadership & Dark Matter


Abstract: Leadership
is a product of the dark matter in the world of organizations. Like the dark
matter in the cosmos, leadership is hypothesized to exist, although its
existence can, for the most part, only be inferred from actual observable
conditions, events, and circumstances that include successful conclusion of
“leadership events.” Thus, leadership actualizes as a transactional event that
occurs between the leader and his or her colleagues. (Northouse, 2004, p. 3)
Putting the point in a different frame, teams and team work (leadership events)
are not just the best leadership strategy, they are the only leadership
strategy available to us.


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Leaders Of Character

We all know that character is a quality well worth cultivating but how that interplays with leadership is somewhat less than obvious. In this podcast, James slices and dices the issue and makes it perfectly clear. If being a leader of character appeals to you, listen and learn how it’s done.