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Signs of serious behavior problems:

As you think about these signs of serious
behavior problems, do not overlook the good news. Most children do not have
serious behavior problems. They have better days and worse days; but on the
whole, they are growing and learning fine. Importantly, they are learning to
cooperate and get along without the use of tough guy approaches.

Some children do have serious behavior problems;
and for the most part, these children also have other serious difficulties. The
most common additional difficulty is a serious learning problem. In fact, it is
unusual to see a serious behavior problem in a child who does not have learning
difficulties. If you answer Yes to any of the following questions, your child
has or is developing serious behavior problems. He likely also has other
problems needing careful professional attention. It is unlikely you can help
him with his behavior problems without working on the other difficulties too.
This work always needs to include the participation of a behavior specialist.

your child

Frequently pout and become very difficult
to live with?

Become nasty and hateful?

Get extremely angry when things do not go
his way?

Often scream and yell at people?

Break or damage things?

Intentionally hit or hurt people (or

Start or get into fights?

Bully and pick on others?

Treat people cruelly?

Refuse to follow parental rules or behave
like parents expect?

Refuse to accept the authority of
parents, teachers, or other adults in charge?

Often behave in socially inappropriate

Use or have other involvements with
illegal drugs, including alcohol? (Keep in mind alcohol is an illegal drug
where children are concerned.)

Have friends who often get into trouble?

Have a reputation for not being someone
others can depend on or trust?

Seem not to care if he upsets or hurts

Repeatedly get into trouble with the
police or courts?

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