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Simon says, “Success is a matter of PRIDE.”

Learning about PRIDE came for Simon sometime after the mother of all
monkey bridges. It did not come as a revelation or sudden insight but rather as
a growing understanding of the process of getting on with getting on.

PRIDE starts with Preparation. To successfully cross life’s
monkey bridges, be prepared. This means you read and learn about monkey
bridges, talk to people who have crossed them before you, and practice every
day as you face life’s challenges and opportunities.

Preparation combines with Responsibility as you begin to master
your monkey bridges. The key is to accept them as yours. They are your
responsibility, not someone else’s. You cannot expect others to move them out
of your way or cross them for you. More to the point, not crossing them or
trying to convince people you have when you have not is to fail the challenge,
to miss the opportunity, to surrender to the monster.

Imagining is the
next element of PRIDE. You are prepared, you have accepted personal
responsibility. Now imagine success. You see yourself across the monkey bridge.
But remember, for Jim and I, getting across the ravine was not the final
success we had in mind. That was only the current barrier to our success.
Success was being Eagle Scouts. What is success for you? That is the outcome
you must imagine as you stand at the brink of your monkey bridge. That image is
the one drawing you forward.

As you imagine success, you must imagine failure too. What would it be
like if you do not cross the monkey bridge, if you are not up to the challenge,
if you do not succeed? Just as your image of success draws you forward, the
image of failure keeps you from falling back.

Add Determination to your developing PRIDE. Crossing your monkey
bridge is not an “if you feel like it” kind of thing. It is not
something you do when you get time or if something else does not interfere. It
is there now and determination is the extra push you must have. It is the
“Just do it,” makeing the difference between success and failure.

completes your recipe for PRIDE. If it is time to do it, then do it. You are
prepared, you have accepted responsibility, you have imagined success and
imagined failure, and you are determined to succeed. Now get on with getting
on. Just do it, with eagerness, with all the gusto you have in you. Anything
less runs the risk of not giving it your best; and not giving each of your
monkey bridges your best is the surest way to failure.

Life’s monkey bridges are many and varied, standing as monsters in the
path to your success. Your challenge and opportunity is to approach each one
with PRIDE and then reach down deep inside for the strength and confidence to
just do it; and do it you will, as you pursue your success.

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