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Case 2:

SS became involved with this 12-year-old
child when she disclosed sexual abuse by mother and mother’s boy friend. Father
petitioned the Court and received custody of this child and her 11-year-old
brother. Visitation privileges of mother are suspended.

Father agreed to arrange for therapy for his daughter and allow no
contact between the children and mother. Therefore, the case was closed.

The case was once again opened when both children disclosed sexual
abuse by an older child in father’s home. This case was also closed since the
alleged perpetrator left the home and father agreed to continue work with the

The case was opened again when the boy was hospitalized. The hospital
wouldn’t release the child home because father didn’t come in to see either the
boy or hospital staff, except to authorize treatment when the child was
admitted. The hospital wanted mental health case management in father’s home
before discharging the child.

SS was concerned about alcohol use in the home and ensuring services
were in place for both children. A case plan was developed addressing services
for the children, the alcohol/drug use in the home, and the children’s sexual
abuse allegations. A safety plan was also in place, stating no contact between
the children and mother should take place.

Father hasn’t complied with the case plan or safety plan. SS learned
father allowed the children contact with mother. Father admitted to allowing
them to spend the night with mother. Mother still resides with her boy friend,
the alleged perpetrator of the oldest child. The child has regressed indicating
possible re-abuse.

SS received a report of alleged abuse of the youngest child. The child
had a swollen and severely bruised right eye. This is the second documented
injury to this child. SS is also aware of a history of domestic violence, drug/alcohol
abuse, and neglect. When all concerns were brought to father’s attention, he
didn’t deny any of them and stated he was too stressed to provide care or
protect the children.

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