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TWO coming back home

they should be here anytime now,” Kathy said to herself as she stared out
the front window. She could not believe everything that had happened over the
last three weeks.

How did this happen? What could I have done differently?
These were the questions she kept asking herself over and over again.

After a few moments, she turned from the window and glanced
at all the boxes in front of her. She had spent the last twenty-four hours
packing everything she had.

“Possession is the key. Take all you can so he’ll end
up with as little as possible.” She kept reminding herself of her father’s
statements as she was packing the night before.

God, how embarrassed she was when she told her mom and dad
what Dan had done to her. But for the most part, she was relieved they knew.
Now, at least she was getting some help, although the thought of moving back in
with her parents was less than thrilling.

” I better wake Jess up so she’s ready when they
come,” Kathy said to herself as she turned toward the hallway. She stopped
in front of the hallway mirror that used to hang on the wall. It was now
leaning against the wall, ready to be taken to its next destination.

She just stood in front of the mirror staring at herself.
She still looked like she was twenty, even though she would be turning
twenty-seven next month. Her hair fell past her shoulders and was almost a
carrot orange in color. Besides her shyness, her hair color was the only thing
she hated about herself.

She was quite tall for a woman, standing at an even
six-feet. She liked being tall because it gave her self-confidence when she
felt she was lacking it. She was very slender and her curves fell in all the
right places. Her body was envied by most other women but she was unaware of

Kathy looked hard into her own eyes. She did not have the
face of a model but she was still very attractive. “I’m pretty
decent-looking. I have a good personality. So why did all this happen?”
she said aloud to her reflection.

After staring at herself a few more minutes, she turned away
and continued down the hall to Jess’ room.

She peeked in the door and saw that her daughter was still
sound asleep. Kathy figured Jess would be tired today after all the packing and
running around that had been going on. She hated to wake her up.

Like all the other rooms in the house, everything was in
boxes. Jess was not sure what was going on but the thought of staying with
Grammy and Grampy pleased her.

Kathy sat on the edge of her daughter’s bed and watched her
sleep. Jess was two and a half years old. She had the softest blond hair Kathy
had ever seen. She smiled while remembering how worried she was when Jess was
still bald at two years old. She was so concerned her hair would never grow in,
but it finally did.

Jess also had great big brown eyes brimming with curiosity.
She was always getting into everything, wanting to know what everything was,
and how it all worked. Kathy could hardly keep up with her some days. She did
not mind, though. Jess was her pride and joy and playing with her and running
after her all day kept Kathy’s mind off her husband, Dan.

Another twenty minutes went by and Kathy finally had her
daughter all set to go. Just as she was walking back to the living room, she
heard the sound of car doors outside.

“Sounds like they’re here,” she said to Jess and
with that, her daughter ran to the front door with delight.

“Well, hi there, baby girl. You got a kiss for
Grampy?” Kathy watched her father pick Jess up and cradle her on his side.
Her brother Larry just stood and looked across the room at all the boxes.

“Hi Dad, Larry,” Kathy finally said.

Her father turned from his granddaughter, “You got
everything ready to go?” he asked as he scanned the room.

“Yeah, everything that could be packed is put into
boxes,” she replied.

“Well, let’s get started,” Larry said, breaking
his silence. He did not know what to say to his sister. He had no idea what was
going on until their father called yesterday for his help.

After three hours, Kathy’s stuff was loaded onto the rented
moving truck. She could not believe it only took a few hours. She thought for
sure it would take all day.

She entered the empty house one last time before they left.
She tried desperately to hold back tears but as she felt her father’s arm go
around her shoulder, she turned toward him and sobbed in his arms.

It was a two hour trip home to her parents’ house. After
twenty minutes, Jess fell asleep in the backseat. Kathy was relieved neither
Larry nor her father insisted on riding back in her car with her. They both
traveled in the truck ahead of her.

She thought the time to herself would give her another
chance to go over all of it in her head again. She hated constantly thinking
about Dan and her marriage but until she had some resolution, she could not
move on.

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